Strategic Consultant and Researcher

An expert on global terrorism phenomenon, strategic consultant and media figure specializing in global terrorist organizations, their worldwide impact and the counter-terrorism-strategies in cyber domains

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Dr. Hochberg-Marom is a strategic consultant to government agencies and security institutions. As part of her numerous consulting activities she has participated in discussions in various NATO forums as well as with high-ranking officials at the US administration, including its special envoy for global terrorism. Her areas of consulting are:


  • Global terrorist organizations’ activities in cyberspace mainly on social networks and their influence on worldwide public opinion (e.g. radicalization, indoctrination);

  • Counter-marketing-strategies to confront global terrorist organizations;

  • Geopolitical ramifications of global terrorist organizations on the International arena.


She shares her knowledge and expertise to assist policy-makers and policy making processes to confront terrorist organizations in cyberspace and contribute to cyber-security innovations. She also engaged in professional task forces aiming to construct a proactive policy against terrorist organizations in cyberspace, mainly in social media. 


Dr. Hochberg-Marom has conducted a breakthrough research about Al-Qaeda’s marketing strategy focusing on the internet and in the international media. Currently engaged in research on global terrorism phenomenon, specifically on:


  • Its global political-marketing strategy, digital techniques and modes of operations, mainly in social networks;

  • The counter-marketing strategies to confront global terrorist organizations;

  • The geopolitical influence of the global terrorist organizations on the international arena, mainly on the Middle East.


She cooperates and consults to comprehensive policy-oriented projects on the above issues and related ones.

Commentary in Media

Dr. Hochebrg-Marom frequently appears in the world media, providing up-to-date commentary, expert analysis and background information about global terrorism. She publishes articles, is interviewed to magazines and appears on TV panels and radio broadcasts.

  • A Comprehensive list of appearances and articles can be found in the Media page.


Dr. Hochberg-Marom is one of the world's leading authorities on political-marketing of global terrorist organizations. She has developed an innovative approach to confront global terrorist organizations on cyberspace and in social media. 

With more than 20 years of researching, consulting and lecturing, she brings wide multidisciplinary academic and business experience in various domains. Using her wide range of knowledge and skills based on academic research and business activities, she has developed a cutting edge approach and methodology to analyze global terrorist organizations from a marketing perspective.

As a strategic consultant to government agencies and security institutions, Dr. Hochberg-Marom participated in discussions with high-ranking officials at several administrations around the world, as well as in various international forums.

Dr. Hochebrg-Marom frequently appears in the world media, providing up to date commentary about global terrorism. She publishes articles, is interviewed in magazines,  appears on TV panels and radio broadcasts.

​Dr. Hochberg-Marom holds a PhD in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University, Israel and two Masters Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from Edinburgh University, Scotland and in Political Science with a specialization in Political Communication (MA) from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. She also has a Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations (BA) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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