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Trump and the Muslim World Following the Travel Ban

Waves of anger, furious and strong condemnation accompanies President Trump's travel ban throughout the world. This stems mainly from liberal modern western values. I want to shed light on an additional impact of this ban.

In the Muslim world, it fuels old feelings of hatred, gives rise to anti-American sentiments while extremely boosting the ideology of ISIS and the like.

For the global terrorist organizations, Trump's travel ban re-ignites their journey that had suffered recently military and economical blows. For them it is an opportunity not only to strengthen their narratives and to increase their recruitment rate, but also to deepen their worldwide influence on public opinion. It triggers their call for Jihad against the US and encourages execution of terrorist attacks against American citizens and interests all over the world.

While Trump highly prioritizes the war against the "radical Islamic terrorism", he can still establish an additional track and cooperate with the mainstream moderate Muslim states. Such a move will balance the anti-American sentiments and will differentiate between the extremist headed by ISIS and rest of the Muslim world.

Will the new administration adapt such a dual head strategy, it will subsidize the Anti-America sentiments and continue fierce confrontation against ISIS.